Our main activity is nature and environmental protection. Funding for the implementation of various nature conservation ideas is achieved through project preparation and participation in both national and international project competitions. We also provide consultancy services or volunteer initiatives. Although we are a small organization, we already have a lot of experience in various areas of nature conservation. Currently, our main areas are biodiversity conservation, agriculture and environment, sustainable farming, rural development, management of hazardous chemicals, promotion of nature tourism, environmental education, environmental communication and social responsibility. We operate in various protected areas, in various municipalities not only in Lithuania, but also with the help of partners in other European countries.


Biodiversity Conservation

We take care of the protection of biodiversity by believing that nature’s experiences are very important for human emotional and spiritual development. We realize the nature around us as a unified ecosystem, for which every element is important. We invite you to preserve the most valuable corners of nature while traveling slowly and invading the Lithuanian landscape. We organise trainings for specialists of protected areas.


Piloting integrated wetland restoration approaches in Latvia and Lithuania
2021/10-2027/09 ONGOING

Optimizing the management of Natura2000 network in Lithuania
2018/01-2027/12 ONGOING

Stepping stones towards ensuring long-term favorable conservation status of Aquatic warbler in Lithuania
2016/07–2023/01 ONGOING

Nature treasure hunting trails in Plokstine and Verkiai
2013–2015 DONE 

Preparation of management recomendations for areas of European ecological network “Natura 2000”
2014/09 –2016/02 DONE

Creation of mechanisms to secure good quality of open habitats in Nemunas delta regional park
2014/11-2017/04 DONE

Improve preconditions for eco-tourism in Lithuania
2014/11-2015/11 DONE

Integrated planning tool to ensure viability of grasslands (LIFE Viva Grass)
2014/06 – 2019/04 DONE

Securing Sustainable Farming to Ensure Conservation of Globally Threatened Bird Species in Agrarian Landscape (Baltic Aquatic Warbler) 
2010/09 – 2015/08 DONE

Inventory of Marine Species and Habitats for Development of Natura 2000 Network in the Offshore Waters of Lithuania (DENOFLIT)
2010 /10 – 2015/03 DONE

Sustainable development of Lithuanian Protected Areas
2011/05 – 2013/04 DONE

Strengthening Institutional Capacities for Implementation of International Conventions in Agricultural Landscape in Lithuania 
2009/07 – 2011/02 DONE

Introducing Maritime Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea (BaltSeaPlan) 
2009 – 2012 DONE

Marine Protected Areas in the Eastern Baltic Sea (Baltic MPAs)
08/2005 – 07/2009 DONE

Hazardous Chemicals

We encourage to study of the abundance of hazardous chemicals, the potential negative impact on the environment and health. We seak the reduction of their use or substitution to less dangerous ones. We strive for their effective regulation at state level. We educate the public about responsible consumption.


Enabling REACH consumer information rights on chemicals in articles by IT-tools (LIFE AskREACH)
2017/09–2022/08 ONGOING

Capitalizing key elements of NonHazCity: empowering private and professional users for better risk management and use reduction of chemical products in their cities (NonHazCity 2)
2019/08–2021/02 DONE

Baltic  pilot  cases  on  reduction  of  emissions  by  substitution  of  hazardous  chemicals  and  resource  efficiency (LIFE FitForREACH)
2015/10–2020/12 DONE

Green Public Procurement of Pharmaceuticals of Interreg Baltic Sea Region (GrePPP) 
2017/06 –  2018/08 DONE

Innovative management solutions for minimizing emissions of hazardous substances from urban areas in the Baltic Sea Region (NonHazCity) 
2016/03 –  2019/02 DONE

Preparation of updated national implementation plan on persistent organic pollutants
2015/02–2015/12 DONE

Environmental education: protect the environment daily – Ekologika
2015/08–2015/12 DONE

Baltic Info Campaign on Hazardous Substances (BaltInfoHaz) 
2011/10 – 2015/03 DONE

Baltic Actions for Reduction of Pollution of the Baltic Sea from Priority Hazardous Substances (BaltActHaz) 
2009/01 – 2011/12 DONE

Control of Hazardous Substances in the Baltic Sea Region (COHIBA) 
2009 – 2011 DONE

Developing Competency of NGOs in Chemical Policies: Potentials for Public Awareness Raising in Belarus and Russia 2009 Blended Learning Environmental Science in the Field of Biodegradable Waste (BLES) 
2007/10 – 2009/10 DONE

Nanotechnology capacity building among NGOs (NANOCAP) 
2006/09 – 2009/08 DONE

Development of Knowledge on REACH 
2006/11 – 2008/03 DONE

Screening of Hazardous Substances in the Aquatic Environment of Lithuania
2005/12 – 2006/12 DONE

Environmental protection in metal industry 
2005/12 – 2006/09 DONE

Environmental protection in publishing industry
2005/12 – 2006/09 DONE

Environmental protection in wood and furniture industry
2005/10 – 2006/07 DONE

European Waste Sector Assistant (EUWAS)
2005/01 – 2006/12 DONE

Awareness Raising of Local Stakeholders in Transboundary River Basin of Lielupe-Muša on the Priority Hazardous Substances
2005/03 – 2006/04 DONE

Development and institutional implementation of a trans-national monitoring system for hazardous waste streams in the Baltic Sea Region (BalticHazControl)
2004/06 – 2007/05 DONE

Agriculture & Environment

We believe that agriculture can not only be a production factory, but a system that combines economic benefits, social responsibility and nature protection. We strive for sustainable agricultural development by promoting rural development and the involvement of rural communities.

Consumer Education

We encourage consumers to save limited natural resources at home and at work, encourage them to look at the composition of the goods they buy and invite to travel slowly.


2016/09 – 2017/11 DONE

Nature treasure hunting trails in Plokstine and Verkiai
2013–2015 DONE

Environmental education: protect the environment daily – Ekologika
2015/08–2015/12 DONE

Baltic Info Campaign on Hazardous Substances (BaltInfoHaz) 
2011/10 – 2015/03 DONE

Consumers Information on More Health-Friendly Choice of Daily Goods 
2007/11 – 2009/11 DONE

Building Capacity of Russian and Baltic NGOs on Consumers’ Education
2007/04 – 2008/03 DONE

Water Resources

We work in regions where water bodies are most affected by intensive farming. We educate communities about pollution reduction measures.

Social Responsibility

We work with businesses that aim to reduce environmental impact and contribute to sustainable development.


Artificial island for terns in Trakai
2020 DONE

Nature treasure hunting trails in Plokstine and Verkiai
2013–2015 DONE

Promotion of Sustainable Mobility Alternatives
2012 DONE

Responsible Bank Management
2011 – 2012 DONE

Strengthening NGO Capacities in Pomoting Corporate Social Responsibility Among SMEs and Raising Awareness on More Sustainable Lifestyle of Society in Lithuania
2009/01 – 2009/12 DONE

Green Procurement
2007/01 – 2007/12 DONE

The achievements we are proud of

Through various initiatives we have developed and continue to support some well-known works.

Protected area product label

Sustainable products and services in protected areas are marked by our Bird product label. By purchasing such products, you support a small, environmentally friendly local business.

Platform for junior nature rangers

This platform is a space where young nature lovers learn to get to know nature by playing games and joyful tasks.


Nature festival „Vidur girių"

This is a festival in Dzūkija National Park taking place on the last weekend of April. It is an event that promotes being in nature and personal experiences.

Theatrical festival for young families „Miško burtai"

This is Samogitian Disneyland, which takes place in the first weekend of October in Samogitia National Park. During it, mythological heroes play with children and give them a sense of nature.

Travel CO2 calculator Maps.lt

The calculator developed in 2012 so far helps to assess the impact of travel on climate change by traveling cars, electric cars, buses, trolleybuses, trains, bikes or walking.

Campaign "Think before you buy"

We initiated and continue a campaign that uses bold slogans and teaches how to stop using everyday things and products containing hazardous chemical substances.


Activity reports