This project aims for protection and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in the Eastern Baltic Sea through establishment of new Natura 2000 protected areas in costal waters of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Project activities

  • Inventories of marine species and habitats according to the Habitats and Birds Directives (birds, mammals, fish, benthos habitats); completion of Natura 2000 data sheets; where necessary: delineation or adjustment of borders of marine SPAs or pSCIs, designation of new sites;
  • Assessment of the impact of fishery by-catch, construction and dumping activities, disturbance and pollution on target species and habitats;
  • Preparation of management plans for selected sites and general recommendations for protection and management of marine Natura 2000 sites;
  • Pilot management activity: testing and promotion of alternative fishing methods and gear in order to reduce by-catch of birds and mammals of Community interest; facilitation of a network of fishermen and nature conservationists;
  • Activities to raise the capacity of stakeholders to implement Natura 2000 and to increase stakeholders’ and public awareness (workshops, media work, public events).


Zymantas Morkvenas
Coordinator of BEF Lithuania project activities
Tel. +370 5 255 9145





The project is supported by the European Commission LIFE programme (Project no. LIFE 05 NAT/LV/000100).



Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia (Project coordinator)

Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania

Institute of Ecology, Vilnius University

Coastal Research and Planning Institute, Klaipėda University

Lithuanian Centre of Marine Research

Other partners from Latvia, Estonia and other countries
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