Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania

Nationally and internationally active
non-governmental environmental organization,
assembled of experienced experts and enthusiastic young professionals.
Our organization is like a bee hive,
where the squad is concentrated for the common purpose
and continued to work patiently so that we can all
rejoice in the sweet performance.

We believe that nature should be protected
not from people, but together with people.

As a non-governmental organization, we strive for
a clean and healthy environment, natural resources being
properly used, rich natural diversity guaranteed for the future
generations, and employees feeling happy working.

Today's most important topics of our activity



We protect the Europe’s rarest songbird

In 2016–2026 we implement
Aquatic Warbler conservation project “LIFE MagniDucatusAcrola”.
Within 10 years of the project implementation we will apply
the conservation methods that were already proved to work well
and the ones, that has never been tested before. When trying
to protect the global population of the rarest Europe’s songbirds,
attention is given to the reduction of fragmentation and isolation and
creation of international good quality habitat’s network.


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