Baltadapt project is developing a Baltic Sea Region-wide climate change adaptation strategy. This truly macro-regional strategy will focus on the sea itself and its coastline areas, covering four key sectors: marine biodiversity, coastal infrastructure, fisheries and agriculture,  and coastal tourism. While it is understood that such a strategy cannot be adopted by Baltadapt, the project can ensure its preparation and clear the ground for its adoption.

Project activities

  • Identify and review current knowledge on climate change with special focus on regional climate information, the Baltic Sea ecosystem, the coastal zone.
  • Develope an information portal providing structured access to all available information on climate change adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region.
  • Develope a Baltic Sea Region climate change adaptation strategy in close consultation with local and regional stakeholders and a policy forum for climate change adaptation.
  • Identify necessary actions to be included in an action plan for implementing the strategy.
  • Identify suitable funding mechanisms for financing the actions laid out in the action plan.
  • Contribute to EU policy papers and the programming process of national and transnational programmes.


Kestutis Navickas
Tel. 8 5 255 9146
El. p.: kestutis.navickas[at]bef[dot]lt





Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007 – 2013