BLES project aims to increase the knowledge of profesionals working in waste management area, about collection, tranportantion and treatment of biodegradable wastes.

Project activities

  • Internet learning courses for the professionals working in waste management (;
  • During the project 6 different learning modules will be prepared. The first learning course will start on November 2008. In different modules the statistical information will be provided about qualities and quantities of biodegradable waste, about the sources and physical and chemical compositions. Also, modules will cover information about the ways how to manage logistics, collection and transport of biodegradable wastes. A lot of attention is dedicated to the treatment of biodegradable waste. The participants of learning courses will have opportunity to get familiar with EU and national legislation and their requirements;
  • Seminars for participants Learning courses is prepared by mixed learning conception. That means that participants learn not just from the internet platform, but also from seminars prepared on national level.


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