Overall goal of the project is to rise the consumers awareness on potentially negative effect of daily goods on humans health and environment and to encourage them to choose less harmful daily goods.

Project activities

  •  Analysis of situation in health sector related to certain consumption products;
  • Analysis of consumption patterns;
  • Analysis of the market segment;
  • Consumers’ information (20 info-days in Latvian schools, 4 different Colorful and memorable brochures and posters;
  • 4 short video clips on examined product groups);
  • International workshop for the stakeholders;
  • Training for non-governmental organizations.


Juste Kukucione
Environmental expert
Tel. +370 5 215 9287
E-mail: juste.kukucione@bef.lt


2007/11 – 2009/11


Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania

Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia

Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia