The project aim is to build capacity and competence of Baltic stakeholders (SMEs  operating in the supply chain of metal processing sector, associations and NGOs  experts as the main target group) on implementation of environmental requirements and technologies as the motor for the economic development. Main sectors covered: economic development and environment.

Project activities

  •  Several national and international meetings and international workshop will be arranged to enhance networking, cooperation and transfer the experience of the best practices and to strengthen capacities of stakeholders on the specific needs.
  • The analysis of environmental requirements and best environmental solutions, which will be followed by practical guidance for SMEs of metal industry supply chain, is foreseen.
  • The project website, national info days will be organized to disseminate the gained knowledge to wider circle of stakeholders and to further facilitate cooperation and networking.


Juste Kukucione
Environmental expert
Tel. 8 5 215 9287




2003 m. PHARE program “Cross Boarder cooperation in the Baltic Sea region ” and Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt.



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