Climate change (CC) is one of the biggest global challenges, and yet it is not recognized enough by the Lithuanian society. Lithuanian NGOs’ involvement in CC policy-making has been limited so far due to lack of resources and advocacy capacities.

The project aims to strengthen the role of NGOs in CC policy-making by increasing their skills, and providing hands-on experience of participation in national and international political processes.

NGOs advocacy trainings will be organized and advocacy guidelines prepared; Lithuanian NGOs will participate in COP 19 in Warsaw, and strengthen relationships with CC NGO networks; two positions on CC policies will be developed in cooperation with other NGOs and stakeholders to be presented to the national policy makers and discussed at two round-table discussions. General public will be engaged to support higher ambitions for CC policy through a dedicated communication channel, collaboration with media and a campaign during EU Parliament elections.

The main beneficiaries of the project are Lithuanian NGOs working on CC issue; this project will advance their work and collaboration and thus also benefit the general public.  The Project is supported by European Economic Area Grants.