The project BaltClim aimed to support the national adaptation strategies to climate change in the Baltic States.

Project activities

  • Regular meetings and exchange with the Baltic Ministries of Environment on a common kick-off meeting in Riga, a seminar in Tallinn, a study trip to Germany, and during smaller meetings;
  • Elaboration of a background paper which outlines the barriers and options for actions on the way to national adaptation strategies in the target countries;
  • Initiation of stakeholder dialogues on nationally relevant climate change adaptation questions;
  • Development of roadmaps or recommendations for the elaboration of  national climate change adaptation strategies in all three Baltic States.

Main achievements in Lithuania

  • Lithuanian project team has actively participated in the development and review of the national adaptation strategy, which was approved by the Parliament as a part of National Climate Change Management Policy in November 2012.
  • Subsequent to the strategy approval, two national stakeholder workshops were organised to discuss the adaptation actions in the coastal zone and agriculture sector. Stakeholder input was used to formulate suggestions for the action plan of the national adaptation strategy, which was approved in April 2013.


Matthias Grätz
Project manager
Tel. +49 40 5330 7076
E-mail: matthias.graetz[at]bef-de[dot]org

Kestutis Navickas
Tel. 8 5 255 9146
E-mail: kestutis.navickas[at]bef[dot]lt




This project is supported by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety with means of the Advisory Assistance Programme for Environmental Protection in the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.


Baltic Environmental Forum Germany (project coordinator)

Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia

Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania

Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia

Institute for Ecological Economy Research