The main objective of the project EUWAS is to provide public and private actors on local and regional levels in the countries of the European Union with up-to-date information on all relevant aspects of waste management. The project mainly focuses on the structured compilation and dissemination of data which are needed for daily work in the bodies related to the waste sector.

The project EUWAS focuses on the efficient use of existing public data for effective cross-border data management in the waste sector through establishing a platform that assist the waste sector.

  • EUWAS helps to spread high quality information and, thus, narrows the information gap existing within Europe.
  • EUWAS helps to overcome the unfortunate situation of heterogeneous data collection and insufficient use of available high quality data. As a result, this cross-border service enhances the quality of decision-making, improves competitiveness and helps to find adequate solutions when implementing waste management measures in the respective municipalities and regions.


Juste Kukucione
Environmental expert
Tel. 8 5 215 9287




Supported by the Federal Environment Agency




Training Center for Waste and Water Management (Germany)

Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining (Poland)

Baltic environmental forum (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)

Institute of Environmental Engineering (Lithuania)