The overall goal of the project is to improve water quality of the transboundary Lielupe-Musa river basin by reducing emission of priority hazardous substances to the environment.

Project activities

  • 2 parts trainings for industrial enterprises (SMEs)/ professional users of chemicals on identification of hazardous substances in their processes and products (including home work in between), ca. 20 enterprises trained
  • Information day for farmers on hazardous substances in plant protection products and how to avoid them, ca. 40-50 farmers involved
  • Info leaflets/publications on identification and substitution of hazardous substances for public/NGOs, industry/ professional users and farmers
  • International workshop on hazardous substances for water environment (in Latvia)
  • Workshop for Lielupe-Musa river basin stakeholders (including Latvian) on possible measures for reduction of hazardous substances emitted to water (in Latvia).


Juste Kukucione
Environmental expert
Tel. 8 5 215 9287




Phare Cross Border Co-operation Programme in the Baltic Sea Region for Latvia 2002 and UNDP Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP)






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