A change from industrial forms of food production to shorter supply chains and more local food will require not only producers to change their production but also consumers and local authorities to change their habits and policies. Consumers are often a driving force behind the local development of short food supply chains. Local authorities can play a role in the promotion of local food through public procurement. Therefore, the project brings together representatives of these different groups. The inclusive approach will guarantee a thorough diagnosis of challenges and bottlenecks, help to identify specific needs for skills development and capacity building and enable work on a shared agenda on local food policy.

This project aims to  raise awareness outside the formal education system to look for multiple and open options in the fight against poverty and hunger in the framework of a global citizenship approach. It also seeks to improve the competences of committed EU citizens to foster the impact of their engagement to support the Agenda of the Millenium Development Goals.

Expected results

  • Shared the common base of knowledge and competences of the target groups on global and local food governance issues in selected local territories in each involved country;
  • Improved multidisciplinary competences and methodologies of catalysts from the target groups to facilitate local learning processes in Italy, France, Cyprus, UK and Lithuania;
  • Created food councils in local territories in Italy, France, Cyprus, UK and Lithuania with the participation of the involved stakeholders;
  • Coherence of EU policies dealing with agriculture, trade, education and development cooperation will benefit from an increased commitment of the Member States in the implementation of the following topics.


Kęstutis Navickas
Sustainable Development Expert
Tel. 8 5 255 9146
E-mail:  kestutis.navickas@bef.lt




Project is funded by the EU Development and Cooperation programme (EuropeAid)



Project partners

Cooperazione Rurale in Africa e America Latina (ACRA) (Project coordinator)

Mani Tese (MT)

Fondazione Legambiente Innovazione (FLI)

International Network of Community Supported Agriculture (Urgenci)

Friends of the Earth – Cyprus

Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF)

Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania