With this project we would like to start closer Baltic – Nordic NGO co-operation to make voice of environmental NGO’s stronger in promotion of more sustainable agriculture and more responsible attitude towards use of pesticides aiming to achieve higher level of protection of human health in neighborhood and environment

Project results

Therefore we would like to organize a joint Baltic- Nordic workshop to exchange views on existing situation with regard to pesticide use in agriculture, and discuss how we can strengthen participation of civic society protecting human health and environment into development of agriculture policies and sustainable pesticide use. We would like to promote support and interest from civic society about sustainable use of pesticides using exhibition on achievement of local community to restrict pesticide use. One if the results will also be 2 info sheets for farmers and bystanders about their rights and needs to protect environment and human health, and well as identified areas and tools for further co-operation.


Audronė Alijošiutė
Tel. 8 5 215 9288
E-mail: Audrone.Alijosiute@bef.lt


2019/08 –2020/05


Nordic Council of Ministers Application no. NGSLV-563