The project aim is to increase capacity of Baltic and Russian NGOs in the field of consumer education.

Project objectives

  • To transfer the knowledge from Danish NGOs to NGOs in Russia and Baltic States with regard to consumers education;
  • To build up capacity of NGOs in Russia and Baltic States on issues related to chemicals in goods;
  • To promote sustainable and long lasting cooperation between NGOs.

Project activities

  • Survey and identification of more health and environment friendly products available on the market in Russia and the Baltic States;
  • Handbook for NGOs “Checmicals in Consumer Goods: Practical Tools for Consumer Education”;
  • Pilot training for NGOs in Russia;
  • Trainings for NGOs in the Baltic States;
  • International workshop for NGOs.


Juste Kukucione
Environmental expert
Tel. +370 5 215 9287


2007/04 – 2008/03


Project is financially supported by Nordic Council of Ministers


Danish Consumer Council

Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia

Baltic environmental Forum Lithuania

Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia

Keep St. Petersburg Tidy