Nanotechnology is a major growth area in research and industry. Applications of nanotechnology include advanced materials, textiles, prosthetic implants, food and drugs. Nanosizing products have or may have many benefits. However, there is also a serious debate about the potential hazards of nano-particles (<100 nm), when introduced into the environment and the workplace.

Project activities

  • deepening the understanding of environmental, occupational health and safety risks and ethical aspects of nanotechnology by organising a structured discussion between NGOs, academic researchers and other stakeholders;
  • enabling environmental NGOs and trade unions to participate in a debate on nanotechnology at the European level;
  • improving their understanding of this new technological field and, supported by scientific input, it will give them the opportunity to formulate their positions within the context of the actual science & society policy and the political background of the organisation, to inform their members and the general public, and to discuss the various issues.


Justė Kukučionė
Environmental expert
Tel. 8 5 215 9287




European Commission’s 6th Framework Programme




Nanocap is a consortium of five environmental NGOs

Five trade unions

Five universities from different EU-areas covering a large part of Europe