Awareness Raising of Local Stakeholders in Transboundary River Basin of Lielupe-Muša on the Priority Hazardous Substances


The overall goal of the project is to improve water quality of the transboundary Lielupe-Musa river basin by reducing emission of priority hazardous substances to the environment.

Project activities

  • 2 parts trainings for industrial enterprises (SMEs)/ professional users of chemicals on identification of hazardous substances in their processes and products (including home work in between), ca. 20 enterprises trained
  • Information day for farmers on hazardous substances in plant protection products and how to avoid them, ca. 40-50 farmers involved
  • Info leaflets/publications on identification and substitution of hazardous substances for public/NGOs, industry/ professional users and farmers
  • International workshop on hazardous substances for water environment (in Latvia)
  • Workshop for Lielupe-Musa river basin stakeholders (including Latvian) on possible measures for reduction of hazardous substances emitted to water (in Latvia).



Baltic environmental forum Lithuania

Baltic environmental forum Latvia

Chemicals and industrial pollution


Justė Buzelytė
Environmental expert
Tel. +370 5 215 9287
E-mail: juste.buzelyte[at]bef[dot]lt




Phare Cross Border Co-operation Programme in the Baltic Sea Region for Latvia 2002 and UNDP Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP)

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