Improve preconditions for eco-tourism in Lithuania

The overall object of the project could be perceived well from the title of the project – to improve preconditions for eco-tourism development in Lithuania.

Project activities

By applying the experience of Estonian and Swedish partners, we will:

  • Develop set of criteria to eco-tourism products. The criteria will use to assess eco-tourism services provided in Lithuania as well as to update criteria of Protected areas product label.
  • Develop pilot ecotourism product as methodology of transfer the best practice from Sweden and document all processes related to development of it. The documented process will be used as methodology for further ecotourism products development not only in Lithuanian but in Estonia too.
  • Develop eco-tourism marketing strategy and campaign plan to promote ecotourism in Lithuania.    


Why it is important?  

Sustainable lifestyle, sustainable consumption are closely related to the tourism. Societies experience in ecotourism – understanding and appreciating surrounding nature –is a keystone for building environmental consciousness and furthermore environmentally responsible behavior.

Ecotourism product development in Lithuania: project experience 


BEF Lithuania (Project coordinator) 

Estonian ecotourism association

Swedish ecotourism society

Nature conservation and protected areas

Rita Norvaisaite
Project manager / Environmental communication professional
Tel. +370 5 215 9288
E-mail rita.norvaisaite[at]bef[dot]lt

11/2014 -11/2015


Project is partly financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and project partner.

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